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uhhhh.. [Wednesday
March 22nd, 2006
[ mood | bitchy ]

my dad got married. there were so many times I could have messed up that wedding. She should be thankful!

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hahahah..cough cough.. [Monday
February 13th, 2006
[ mood | listless ]

Hahhaha I am sick! I missed school!
Welchs does not taste good water downed....and oranges are over rated!
I oranges! THIS DOCTOR guy gave me a Hep. B shot...I have no idea what that is. But it hurt and they drew blood samoples. THEY TOOK MY BLOOd! and i was stuck it that awful little smeelly place with all these other sickly kids. "HEY I HAVE AND IDEA! LETS PUT ALL THE SICK KIDS TOGETHER IN ONE ROOM! SO THEY GET EACH OTHER MORE SICK!" GAWD!Then them made me take this pain stuff and now I am here drowzzin and whooh all the ponies....go round and round...

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Whhhoooo? [Monday
January 16th, 2006
[ mood | apathetic ]

Stuff happened....i guess

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halloween is so over rated, it's like the new Christmas [Saturday
October 29th, 2005
[ mood | fu all ]

I m really sick of school.
I fought with Rachle for awhile it was my only entrtainment, so whatever.
The hunted house sucked Soooooo bad! It was like abunch of retards dancing around with thier hands on fire.
John Carrol is the untiment brain sucking leech and my brother works at Publix.
I love evryone,,,, ( Kinda ) actually i thnk I should live in the middle of the woods as far way from stupid humanity as I can.
I am at Mia's house. I ate some pie and I complained alot.
Thats my life, sue me....

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October 2nd, 2005
So I really hate school...
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MIAS BIRTHDAY B*** [Thursday
September 15th, 2005
[ mood | confused ]

so I am at Mia's house and her grandparents gave her too-big clothes and i'm going to give her a really big bag and it's going to say Paris on the side. And I would list what I'm going to put into it but.. you know.. Maria's typing and I want her to be semi- surprised. Hmm..

So Dillon thinks I'm a drug dealer which I might be.. for now. Alex thinks I hate him, which I kind of do, but everyone kind of does. And the black kids and the rednecks were going to have a shoot out in the commons but all the teachers and the Dean patrolled so that stopped them. So now they're going to have their shoot out in a Chik-Fil-A parking lot. Haha stupid kids.

Rachel is driving me insane. She's driving Taylor insane. Rachel stop driving people insane. And Trip stop being a manwhore you manwhore.

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Daddy I am running away! [Saturday
September 3rd, 2005
[ mood | ditzy ]

I went to the Summit w/ Maria and we ate at Johnny Rockets. It was sooo gross and our waiter had buck teeth and his name was warren! Then we saw the crappiest movie ever. It was even crappier than that shitty movie, The Brothers Grimm (don't see the Brothers Grimm! Don't!). It was 'The Cave' and everyone got eaten by vampiric bats/bugs/people/lizards that can swim/breath in water fly. They were like angry monkeys, man. Now I check the ceiling all the time cause you never know...

Now I am at Maria's house drinking pomegranate juice which tastes like chalk and grenades. Mmm... grenades, yummy. I found a cool Tokyo Mew Mew costume but Maria won't buy it for me. Mark is at cosplay pretending to be Heai. I bet he is drunk or being raped by a janitor somewhere. I hope he implodes or explodes or just plodes.

We are in the kitchen and Maria's sister is eating sticks of butter and all vegitarion garden burger wrap ups.

I am in charge of Maria's non existant love life from now on. So during lunch we will be taking polls on who Maria should date and what she should wear to homecoming and stuff. First poll: Jamie- Date him or hate him? Don't tell Maria I'm doing this or I'll kill you. Maria is in charge of my love life, too! Except mine doesnt' exist.

Kidnapped from Dillans thing
Click here.

Take the quiz.
Post your results.
Read more...Collapse )

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Oriantion ( did I spell that right?) [Saturday
August 6th, 2005
[ mood | Rahwrh! ]

Well, I'am scared of the Dean, I hate my locker (stupid combination) and I meet some new people.
So I have to lug huge books everywhere up and down the stairs and wander around to find classes....wheee...
I'am tired of school already andit has not even started.... is'nt that sad? high school is not as awsome as everyone made it sound....It's so over rated!

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July 29th, 2005
[ mood | Wheeeee? ]

So my dad came over for dinner and we had Chinness.....
OH god! I got my Mp3 player back all that complaining finally payed off! I am really happy and Nick needs to know it's not his fault!
Blah blah.....BLAH!

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Tired...... [Thursday
July 28th, 2005
[ mood | uhmmaguraaff...... ]

Well, I went over to Mia's house to goto some thing, that we did nt go to, because they were about to beat us up. Then we saw the Island which is pretty good. Then I went to Rachle's house and saw Bewitched which was semi awful, but still good. So I have not been bored. Now I have to go to Kristens party, thanks to Rachle! I don't wanna go if Micheal was invited! NO! No icky Micheal friends! Why were they even invited? I'am only going for.... Miara Muller (and free food!) Not spending the night. I feel sorry for her, getting shipped off to some boarding school were she'll get stuck in a room with an angry room mate...
Poor Maira.... why are her parents sending her there agian? She won't know any one....It'll be worst than me at JCCHS!

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Nothing to report sir! [Monday
July 25th, 2005
[ mood | apathetic ]

Man Iam bored!

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Yes, I am battling a yam...... [Sunday
July 24th, 2005
[ mood | wow! ]

I watched the worst moive!!! It was a Bewolf remake. It was really stupid! There were midgets dressed as bears,eating poeple,and running around and the main character is some egypt guy, in the middle of Ireland.
It made no sense.

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N [Monday
July 11th, 2005
[ mood | back off! ]

Holy Crap!
Miara come back please! Don't die there come back! I'm so bored! There is nothing to do because of that stupid strom!
Oh yeah...I threw up again ( of course you want to know) The medication I'm on is icky and messes up my stomach.
Where are all my friends?!
Nick, where have you been T-tank? Rachle? You still there, too? Ling-ling? Anna? Johnny? Bernard? Seven?
Charlie? Constance? NOOOOOOOOOOO!
Whahahah....you are all on vacations?! I'am the only on left?!

I'am going to become a ninja now....because no one slapped me, and told me not too. Hhahahah!I found full functional steel claws! they are kind of EXPENSIVE! But their nice! Sharp and shiny, as soon as I get them I'am seriously going to whipp some trees up!
Mark is now, my senior...crap! Maybe I won't be a ninja just some girl with claws...I could do that...

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July 7th, 2005
[ mood | full of crap ]

yesterday was fun...
AT fencing we had Marks geek friend teach us, Spinach,(Spencer?) I don't care if thats his real name or not!Were did our coach go? Why does he have some collage dude trying to teach us, the mockey of fencing? Anyway he showed me up bad. Well, he's much older than me so he deserves beating me to cream. But....he was all like "Wheres your will? Don't you want to win?" I know he is much better than me, but rub it in my face? Where were you Johnny???!
Rachel and me were acting like dorks, everyone is really serious about fencing, and we are not...so that pisses they off...I just laugh.
Mark offered to teach me to be a ninja..? But I am very unsure...Marks a phyco, do I really want to fight him..with real swords? NO! Do I want to go on an insane diet? NO! Do I want Mark to make me do push-ups? NO!
Miara called from New Mexico...some guy thought she was a baby momma aparently, poor Mia. She should have took me with her.
YAY* Maira broke up with Tripp! Sorry...tripp..We all saw it coming, like a plane on fire falling out of the sky! GO Mia! You be single! I told you! I tried to stop it!

rACHLE-"Uhmm...5'6 Sir!"

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uhm....help? [Wednesday
July 6th, 2005
[ mood | yARH?! ]

The funniest thing happended last night.
When I was aruguing with my mom about what color I could dye my hair(If Any), I decied to dye it myself.
Now bleach smells bad and tastse bad, so I thought, "Cool, Blonde Allison!" so I turned the tips of my hair white....Miara, you were right. It does turn your hair white and hard and stiff so stiff it broke off. So now my bangs are really short...yes I am retarded....I don't want to be blonde, but I really want to dye my hair in to some unsightly color!
Fencing today YAY* but I have to see Rachel NO*. HEY RACHEL, "MOMMY! i CAN'T GET THESES HANDS OFF MY ARM!"

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uhmmmmrrrr..... [Tuesday
July 5th, 2005
[ mood | What?! ]

Hrah! WE blew so much stuff up it was great, every year my stupid brothers watse about 100.oo bucks on fireworks that they fuse together in a very creative way to blow it up. They'll tie extension fuses to smoke bombs and Mighty Mites, So lighting one is like throwing a match in a box of highly explosive rat poision. Unfortanatly our proy {John} whent some where.....He always made the best fireworks. He would buy cheap bottle rockets and cut the gun power out of it, to fill in all in to one thing, he ended up (last year,) with a bottle of gunpowder as big as a D+ battery. I wonder what happend to that? It was like a small bomb.....
I am still really upset about my Mp3. So I have taken drastic measures, I am writting the Head manager of City Stages. He better get if back or replace the thing! Rarajhahahaha!

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July 4th, 2005
[ mood | yay! ]

Jonhnny is back from the dead! He's alive! *Yay
Anyhow.....my life has been pretty unexcitting. Oh, yeah! We went to this moive that we had already seen and, this lady got mad at us and got the usher to come in and say "You kids better keeep it down, I've been gettig a lot of complains about you." He flashed a light in our faces like this was a drug bust. We moaneded " Uhmm....sure.."Man, that lady was like "I sure told you kids off good!" She started smirking. Man I hate poeple with ego problems like her! She couldn't control the moive, because it was a moive so she decided to control what was going on in the moive threader. I m so sorry miss angry lady! That our rudeness scared you sooo bad! I am sorry you could'nt enjoy the moive without runing it for some one else! WE WERE WHISPERING! I HAVE NO IDEA HOW SHE COULD OF HREAD US!I COULD'NT EVEN HEAR THE OTHER POEPLE!
She was like egotistical bat hearing lady..... we name poeple who make inpressions on our lifes, even if it isnt their real name....this lady was Betty Hardface. I really want to punch or at least slap poeple like that! Man she needs to get out more often and lossen up.
Then we ate shushi, then we waved at random poeple and scared them away then......we made a line of teddy grahams across the road and laught at poeple crossing it....then....we whent home...
That pretty much sums up my weekend..

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D day [Thursday
June 30th, 2005
[ mood | gloomy ]

Today was greater, we all loaded up at the mall and terrorized everyone with our obnoxiousness. War of the Worlds was funny, everyone was running around screaming, it would be exactly like that. Tom Crusie was hott and old.

We were mall sharks, and was stalked poeple, and we used testers like we we the poorest poeple alive. I'a m sure we looked like whores after ward.

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Thank you [Wednesday
June 29th, 2005
[ mood | uhhhh? ]

Thank you Tripp for beings sorry. I for give you. I'am sorry for getting in your face, and that you think I am full of myself....which I might be.

OH GOD! Tyler has started fencing! Some one please to god stop him! If he gets to me and Rachels level we will so whipp him up!He'll be so sorry he ever thought he could handle that sport.

Johnson, why did you stop? Where have you been? Eating pies?

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I learned something [Monday
June 27th, 2005
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

I learned something to today, that I'll probably forget.

You are very small and meaningless to the world, so live and be happy and try and make it good. There is no reason to angst, it's a waste of time, and other people get angry at you because they see how stupid and incredibly piontless it is. I don't care how narrow minded you are,your here to do somethin and you ought to. You can pretend you have all the problems you want, but if their aren't real poeple will see through them and luaugh at your self pitying, attention seeking, semi-idodtic, life. So get comfrotable with your self, and stop seeking peoples aproval, it's really not worth it. It's okay to be sad and angry sometimes, but you must move around it. To be sad or angry all the time means your very conceited and disconntent with your life. I have learned and acknowleged, thank you snipperkitten. ( She is captain obvious)

There I said it to everyone.....even myself, mostly to Tripp.
To tripp: Iam sorry you are so threatened by my presence. Im sorry you feel the need to pretend to be a schizo. I'am so sorry that Maira ever went out with you, now you think your better than everyone else.Cults would'nt invite a little kid in, unless they were really desprate. You can claim all you want that youve already suffered the chrushing reality of the World. But you haven't I haven't, You can not understand it unless your living by yourself, out of your parents house, working paying bills. Stop acting so angry, you have nothin to complain about, either do I. Your life as been a sheltered little dome of self conceitedness. I'm sorry you think your dad beats you, all parents are supposed to discipline thier childen. As for your "problems" I don't care about them, you can keep those nice make belive issues to your self!I dont belive you killed a rabbit, a wild one would not have let you come near it, and I have no idea how you would have caught it. Killing a rabbit just shows how much of a coward you are, you have nothin to prey on, so you go after innocents, your weak and scared. I'am so sorry that I had to write this, and I'm even more sorry thats it is true.(Your not great.)

Please respond, I am waiting. Im sorry you caught my attention and now you'll have to face me.

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